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Those Unregulated Gameshows

It’s about time government step in to monitor and regulate our local TV gameshows. With the recent “Wowowee Scam” scandal, we (the viewing public and the participants) don’t have any protection and safeguards against this abuse or if I may say cheating — intentional or not, accidental or not!

Nagpalabas na ng press release at official statement ang pamunuan ng ABS-CBN regarding sa “Scam” na ito at tahasan nilang sinabing “there were supposed to be 2 numbers inside the box… it’s a design flaw”. Ok… ok… alam kong tumataas na naman BP nyo. But let’s try to give them the “benefit of the doubt” (bullshit!). In my personal view, this is how they want it to be… originally there are Zeros sa boxes… then pinapatong na lang dun ung mga major prizes like 2, 1, houses, etc. With this design, they can easily place it at-random. Tipid nga naman! But this backfired at them and it caused them their reputation. Ok lang si Willy eh… ala namang reputasyon un.

This incident reminds me of the similar gameshow from ABS-CBN din some time ago with now Videogram Chairman Edu Manzano, Ai Ai, and et. al. As far as i can remember, it was about a load (or sim) yata un that they will scratch-off live on air to get the number and that you have to call them to get that number (or something like that). What happened was hinde pa tapos ipakita ung iniscratch ni Ai Ai, may tumawag na sa kanila on air with the correct number. Whhoooaaa!!! how cud that be possible? That was the last time i watched such game shows especially from ABS-CBN.

Another thing is the proliferation of texting services in order to participate in their gameshows. And they would be drawn daw via an electronic raffle draw. The question now is… who’s monitoring their so-called “electronic draw”? They always claim na may DTI representative daw. Pero who is to believe them if they don’t show us that DTI representative their referring to? I am a computer programmer and believe me this can be manipulated.

So unless our government will create a body that will regulate and monitor these gameshows, we will always be in the mercy of these people who capitalizes on the hapless plight of every Filipino.


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