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The Broadband Conspiracy

This has been going on for weeks now. It’s the headline of almost all the major news organization in the country, both print, tv and the. It’s the expose of the controversial Broadband deal of the government with China-based ZTE Corporation. The government is expected to borrow around US$300 Million just to pay ZTE for the alleged installation of Broadband Internet connection in all of government agencies… thanks to COMELEC Commissioner Ben Abalos.

My first reaction upon hearing this asking myself, “why? can’t our local internet service provider companies provide such infrastructure?” Being in the IT industry, i am well aware that PLDT, GLOBE and Eastern Telecoms are competent enough to provide such connection. What surprises me is that i just learned from the TV news Bandila (c/o ABS-CBN) that Globe and other major telecom companies are not aware that such transactions and bidding existed.

Our country again is going down the drain with such officials as Comm. Abalos. His stint as COMELEC Commissioner for so many years are riddled with controversies from the infamous “Hello, Garci” tape expose to 12-0 controversial 2007 national elections, in favor of the Administrations dogs, which positioned Miguel Zubiri to a senatorial seat.

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